“The most powerful path to being sustainable as a healthcare institution isn’t through turning off the lights or unplugging electronics – it’s in changing the way that patients eat.”

(in Transforming the Hospital Meal for Sustainability via Nourish)

Interesting discussions are taking place this week regarding Canada’s Food Guide. I hope that these conversations and changes spark further thought, innovation, and creativity around providing healthier food options in our educational institutions and hospitals. As an idea, ARHCC may want to consider partnering with UFV’s Culinary Arts to design a socially and ecologically responsible food services program that offers patrons a locally-produced, plant-based menu. The collaboration between Abbotsford’s hospital and university could result in a very fruitful relationship that benefits the health and wellness of our community!

Here are a few other items on the plate:

Wilderness Medicine Elective for Resident Physicians via McGill.

FemInEM Idea Exchange 2019.

HIV exhibit highlights Vancouver’s role in activism.

Two more Japanese medical schools admit discriminating against women via AMEE.

The Creative License. (Thank you Ann)

Anatomy, technology, art, and culture: Toward a realistic perspective of the brain.

Training Family Physicians as researchers.

First accredited continuing medical education course filmed in VR via AMEE.

A second life for chopsticks.

Commonwealth Club podcast. (Thank you Dr. Westgeest)

Health researchers using social media (take the survey).

VR in healthcare is changing the game.

Have a great weekend! And good luck to all at CaRMS!

Warm regards,


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