mary oliver.jpeg

~ Wild Geese by poet Mary Oliver from Dream Work

I’m hooked on @future_crunch (Thank you Dr. Husband) and their 99 good news stories from 2018!

Social Prescriptions for better health.

By what right? The confrontation at Wedzin Kwah.

Summer Education Institute: Teaching for Transformation (Thank you Dr. Ross)

Made me smile! MacGyver tips for physicians (Thank you Dr. Liu)

Dalhousie’s Sleepwell (Thank you Dr. Dickinson)

Dr. Crosby’s “The impatient patient” (Thank you Dr. Westgeest)

Have a passion for health education research? Consider joining UBC’s CHES.

Three things clinicians should know about disability.

B.C.’s leaking methane gas.

How one man’s loss is transforming perspectives.

I am so at this in September!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Onward and upward,


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