Greetings All!

We are nearing the completion of another year! It’s gone by quickly and I want to express my gratitude to all of you that have allocated the time, energy, and space to support the work we do at our Site.
I want to especially thank our faculty including Dr. Reg Peters, Dr. Iris Liu, and Dr. Thanh Luu for their commitment to the program. Our Site Coordinator, Ann Douglas, and Site Assistant, Susan Hart, are the top Skipper and Crew! They navigate this ship with beauty and grace.

As an athlete, I remember at the end of the year we held a big banquet to come together and celebrate our work and accomplishments. We always looked forward to the Coach’s Award. There was an element of surprise because the award was never based on wins or fastest time. It was given to those that demonstrated qualities you witness in leaders and recognized traits that benefited the larger community.

As a Coach, I like to carry on that tradition and acknowledge those that best exemplify an Excellence in Education. This year, I focused on Creativity and Innovation. I observed your Academic Half Day presentations and reviewed your PIP and Scholar projects. I also took into consideration your willingness to assist in problem-solving, generating new ideas, and providing different approaches to medical education. This year, the award goes to Dr. Alexandra Enns, Dr. Chelsea Wiksyk, and Dr. Holden Chow.

I want to thank Dr. Enns for taking the time to think deeply, critically, and creatively about the challenges our Site presented to her as one of our Resident Chiefs. Chiefs are heavily involved in our Residents’ learning journey and she invested the effort and energy to support the Site when we struggled to better our rotation experiences. That takes a sincere belief and trust in the system and the people she represents. She confronts both with honesty, integrity, humility, and ingenuity.

I also want to thank Dr. Wiksyk for her Scholar project exploring, dissecting, and articulating so beautifully the tango between patient and physician. I’ve reviewed hundreds of research papers over the past 2 decades and her project is one of the most profound and reflective works examining the context and challenges of our healthcare. Her transparency, authenticity, and courage to share this with her profession and fellow colleagues is commendable. We need more of this deep-diving in order to bring to surface and address the challenges we face.

Finally, I want to thank Dr. Chow for consistently delivering the most creative and innovative Academic Half Day sessions. You give this man a topic and he runs it through his Willy Wonka Chocolate Factory. The product delivered is often funny, insightful, and packaged with a joy and love for what he does. From the beginning, Residents have shared with me their appreciation of Dr. Chow’s approach to education. He inspires us all to play within and outside of our medical education’s sandbox.

Congratulations! If you see these bright and brilliant stars, give them a big hug! They deserve it.

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