Chief Resident Dr. Alicia Pawluk (PGY2 & IMG) and I co-presented at the UBC FM Faculty Development Retreat on Transition to Practice. This session was motivated by our Residents’ desire for greater exposure to Practice Management content. A series of questions were designed by our Residents to gather Preceptors’ perspectives and ideas on the topic as well as better understand their mindset. One concern raised by Residents is gaining experience, confidence, and comfort working in a variety of practice types. Our Preceptors recommended:PracticeWe also asked Preceptors to share their views on how to formally and informally address the delivery of content. This sparked a dialogue regarding whose responsibility it is to teach Practice Management. Based on our conversation, several Preceptors felt that Residents are responsible for their transition to practice and satisfying its corresponding curriculum objectives. Preceptors did recommend designing and developing a standardized curriculum; specifying the curriculum objectives and core competencies; partnering with business leaders on the topic; and a transition to practice game:Formal.jpgInformalWe completed the session eliciting Preceptors’ thoughts on teaching Practice Management. Participants expressed that modelling best practice is important and essential in educating Residents; however, they again encouraged their learners to take initiative and clarify their expectations about what they hope to achieve and experience during residency.

ImproveTransitioning to practice is a stressful and anxious period for many Residents. Medicine’s body of knowledge continues to expand and evolve in its complexity. The shift from the cottage industry to the corporate model is limiting Residents’ access to mentorship. Generational differences in work-life balance are creating a tension between emerging and established practitioners. Implementing a mentorship program for Residents and offering learners the opportunity to manage a clinic are approaches to providing Residents greater exposure to the content while reinforcing an experiential education.

Learn more about what our Preceptor participants wished they would have known in the post below!



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