Dear Preceptors,

The unofficial start of the year is here, September! I wanted to write to you all and give you an update on what is happening at our Site (other than the Preceptors beating the Residents in the beach volleyball game!)

By now, our R1 group has settled in. They have completed their first month in Family Practice and have started on their core rotations. The Resident year for our R1s now shifts to our Specialist Preceptors. You will start to meet them and will see them around the hospital. Here is the link to the R1 Bio’s.

We have included their primary preceptor along with their bios. During this year, we want to emphasize greater collaboration and dialogue between our Specialty and Family Practice preceptors so both can work together in guiding our Residents’ learning process. I encourage you all to discuss the Residents amongst yourselves as we often have very different perspectives.

During our interviews with our Specialty Preceptors, many identified the need to track their Resident’s learning experience. The original idea emanated from our discussions with our OB team, led by Dr. Driedger and Dr. Kornelsen, who spoke of the challenges tracking Resident’s progress when they are working with multiple preceptors. In addition, the OB team established specific rotation learning objectives that they encourage Residents to satisfy with their preceptor.  Since our discussions, we have developed similar tracking forms with Dr. Yao and Dr. Walker for Nephrology and Ophthalmology. View them here.

Currently, we are asking our Residents how these tools are being used and if they are meeting both learner and educator objectives. Please contact Jackie or me if you would like to develop a progress tracking form specific for your rotation.

For R1 Preceptors:
I hope you’ve had the opportunity to connect with your resident and establish a healthy working relationship. Now that Residents have finished their first block of Family Practice, you will see them for 1-2 half days a week. This may not seem like much, but over time, your office becomes a place of stability. Through their change in rotations, your office and your staff offer Residents a comfort and space of their own. It’s good to ask them about their current rotations and their recent academic half day and how that content applies back to your office. More importantly, you are a first line of support. Nurturing a strong Preceptor-Resident relationship is one of the most important things you can do to boost Resident Resilience.

For the R2 preceptors:
Half of you have had them or will have them soon for their block time (10 weeks). Just to remind you, the R2s will all spend 2 months away in Rural and will have 3-4 months of elective time. They will come back from Rural with a new sense of independence. This is an opportunity for you to review the Resident Benchmarks, located in our Preceptor Workbook, starting on page 6.

As has been my experience, we see Residents accelerate past their benchmark in their 2nd year. This becomes the rewarding part of your instruction and also the challenging part, as we try to “teach” them something! The R2 year does also have its own share of stresses. Most of the R2s have successfully planned their R2 year. Two of the R2s are planning to apply to a third year in Emergency Medicine and there is the added stress of the Resident Scholar project. Many of you recall doing these projects in your Residency and our Residents appreciate your insights and encouragement!

We have a series of events in the upcoming months!

  1. UBC’s Teachers Toolbox is on Friday, September 16. Register here.
  1. We will be hosting a Faculty Development Breakfast on Friday, September 30thfrom 7:30 a.m. to 9:00 the Abbotsford Division Family Practice located at 202-2600 Gladys Avenue. Jackie will be getting us geared up for the retreat as well as addressing her research and findings on our Resident Experience.

Please RSVP to our Site Coordinator, Ann Douglas at

  1. Sea to Sky Preceptor Retreat 15 & 16 October! During Jackie’s interviews with the Preceptors, many requested the opportunity to connect outside of our usual areas, learn and bond, earn CPD credits, and to engage while being active with our families.  We’ve invested a great deal to create an experience tailored for US! We need you to register and participate! Register here

Secure your room at the Executive Suites Hotel for the discounted rate by Friday, September 16, 2016.

For those of you who committed in April, you should have received your early bird bonus for you to apply to the conference cost.

On a final note, thank you for investing the time and energy in our Residents’ educational experience. Please contact me should you have any concerns or compliments regarding our Residents as well as any ideas about our program. If you have an upcoming Academic Half Day presentation, we recommend visiting our AHD Preparation.

We are thrilled with the addition of our new Site Coordinator, Ann Douglas, and our Site Assistant, Katelyn Giffin. They have been instrumental in welcoming our new residents and providing our office a smooth transition. I encourage you to visit our Site and meet them, have a chocolate, peruse our new free library, and take a look at our “doctored” up pictures.

All the best!


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