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Greetings Everyone!

We’ve begun a Little Free Library at our site office! As you walk in, there is one shelf dedicated to the idea and you’ll see a few books and academic journals there already. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, little free libraries are typically small outdoor structures that offer the community (in this case our resident/preceptor community) a place to freely exchange books. Give a book. Grab a book. No expectation of return!

I’ll be adding more books over the next few days. Some resources have been recommended by our preceptors, such as Crucial Conversations suggested by Drs. Dueck and Loewen, some are medical/health/science related, and some are just for enjoyment. I’ve left a few children’s books on muscles and bones for rotations where you might encounter youth and need illustrations.

If you have a book that you’ve found pivotal in getting you through your practice or life and are okay with letting it go…please leave it on our bookshelf!

Cheers and have fun!


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