Hello Everyone!

Dr. Kharrat is a recent graduate of our Abbotsford Family Practice Residency Program and has recently launched the Homeless Clinic here in our city. He’s put together a video for the MD Financial Management “MD Next Step Award” and needs our support to win!

So please vote and please share the link! You do not need a Facebook account to make your vote count! Just click vote!

Here’s the link! Let’s get him to the top!!!! Deadline November 7th!

Have a stellar weekend!


Sea to Sky Preceptor Retreat 2016 Recap & November Faculty Development Session!

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Hello All!

On behalf of our Abbotsford site faculty, we want to thank you for attending our First Annual Sea to Sky Preceptor Retreat! Did we have a fantastic time or what? I’m still giggling over the Mr. Universe pose, the headstands, one arm pushup, and the juggling of raw eggs! We had fun. We learned. We explored new terrain and in some cases revisited landscapes for further discovery.

And of all weekends there are in a year, somehow we ended up with the one scheduled for a typhoon! Ha! Your creativity and adaptability were vital given all that was up in the air. We sincerely appreciated your flexibility as we weathered the storm and pursued our agenda.

Thank you for your laughter, joy, and willingness to engage. The activities that we were involved in required, at times, vulnerability, trust, and honesty. You invested that and as a result the retreat emerged as something far more memorable and educational than we could have imagined. We were especially thrilled to meet your partners and your beautiful children (even if a few of them were aiming for my dinner plate with their ping pong balls! 🙂 ).

We want to do this again and based on your responses we think you want to too!

So, what are your plans Wednesday, November 16th at 1800? Let’s meet for a faculty development session on the track of Rotary Stadium. We’ll go for a “Walkie-Talkie” and hack the retreat (maybe Harrison next year?) as well as discuss the Family Physician Forum! And maybe I’ll challenge someone to a 50m dash donning my fanny pack?! And maybe I’ll bring a soccer ball too! Rain or shine!

Big hug! Much love!