Greetings Team!

I’m thrilled you’ll be joining us for the 2017 Teacher’s Toolbox Retreat! Below are some signs and landmarks to help you in finding Cheakamus Centre. Please give yourself extra time driving to Squamish. Roads are busy on the weekends.

Cheakamus Centre: Driving Directions
Address: 1600 Paradise Valley Road
If you’re coming from Vancouver, drive 10km past downtown Squamish to the Alice Lake turnoff.
TURN LEFT (west) on highway 99 across from the Alice Lake turnoff on to Squamish Valley Road.
KEEP RIGHT over CN Rail tracks past Cheekye, over bridge and take the right fork on the Paradise Valley Road. You’ll see the “Cheakamus” sign as an indicator to veer right:

Continue down the road until you arrive at “Cheakamus Centre” located at 1600 Paradise Valley Road.
Take the right fork at the sign:As you travel down the road, you’ll come to this post for the Environmental Learning Centre.
Take the left fork at the sign. Heading towards the “ELC”:You’ll soon come upon a large parking lot.
Please park there for the day.
As you walk towards the grounds, you’ll see the Environmental Learning Centre. Our classroom is shown here: 
You’ll also see this site map near the stairwell. Head right towards the Bighouse:
Our opening ceremony will be held here at the Bighouse on Saturday, September 30th at 12:00 p.m.:Following the ceremony, we will head back to the ELC for lunch and our educational sessions.

If you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or comments, please feel free to reach out at
I’ll be wearing a lemon zest jacket. You can’t miss me!
And if we have time, I’ll take you to meet this big beauty I’m hugging!
Looking forward to catching you where the sea meets the sky!


The Teacher’s Toolbox Team!