Journal Club: Adverse Events

Greetings Residents!

Here are the 5 articles that Dr. Liu forwarded to me (and only me! :)) for journal club this week! They’re quite interesting and I think you’ll enjoy them as well.

Much love to you all this weekend!


Adverse Event Resources
Adverse Events: Disclosure, Impact, and Prevention. Link
Open Disclosure: The Only Approach to Medical Error. Link
Shame: The Elephant in the Room. Link
Suffering in Silence: A Qualitative Study of Second Victims of Adverse Events. Link
The Emotional Impact of Medical Errors on Practicing Physicians in the United States and Canada. Link

Food as Medicine: A Shifting Paradigm of Nutritional Recommendations

Good afternoon!
Please see below the list of recommended resources that Dr. Barbra Bradshaw forwarded to our group following her Academic Half Day session on Food as Medicine: A Shifting Paradigm of Nutritional Recommendations. You may learn more about her initiative via Change the Food Guide.

Food Revolution by Dr. Andreas Eenfeldt
Fed Up: It’s Time to Get Real About Food.
Big Fat Surprise by Nina Teicholz
Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung

Good Calories, Bad Calories by Gary Taubes

I’ll also be forwarding out her PowerPoint presentation to Residents in the coming week.


Imagination & Healthcare

Greetings! Check out Dr. David Hindin’s new YouTube Series on Why Your Doctor Should Daydream. I’ve shared above the recent episode on Imagination, Design, and the Future of Healthcare featuring ER Physician, Dr. Bon Ku, and his Health Design Lab at Jefferson University. What a wonderful space they’ve created to support physicians’ desire to further explore and tinker with their ideas as well as solve the challenges they face. Innovation in medical education! Love it!



TEDMED Conversation

Greetings Residents and Preceptors!

The CMA has partnered with TEDMED! Beginning today, you now have an opportunity to live stream any of the presentations in real-time or on-demand. Live sessions can be viewed between November 1 and 3, while on demand sessions can be viewed from November 1 to February 8.

View the program and presentations then visit to live stream. Check your email from the CMA on TEDMED for the participant code or contact me at