Teaching Procedural Skills

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Hope you are well! Our UBC Curriculum Committee recently engaged in a discussion on procedural skills, their learning objectives, and the evaluation of Residents’ performance. I’d like to share these resources that may support you in further developing your pedagogical framework as well as provide you with an assessment template:

We also have our last Faculty Development Breakfast (note time and location change!!) scheduled for:
Monday, December 4 from 7:30-9:00 a.m.
Location: Baker 1 ARHCC
Performance Assessment: This session focuses on pulling together assessment data collected on a learner to complete a summative assessment that denotes achievement to date and also provides effective narrative feedback for future development.

Integrated Community Clerkships

Hello Team! I’ve got to share this recently released video of our UBC medical students, residents, and preceptors. Our own R1, Dr. Ellie Parton, is featured and I am so proud of her! (@ 14:25). Thank you for sharing your experience, perspectives, and insights with your community. We’ve got such a great group of learners and educators here at our Abbotsford-Mission site.

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