FAQ: Sea to Sky Retreat


Just a couple of reminders and answers to questions:

Retreat Pre-Registrants
If you responded in April that you’d be attending the Retreat, we’ll need you to formally register through our EventBrite link.

Cheques may be dropped off at the UBC Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residency Program site office by October 3, 2016.  Please make payable to “UBC”.

Program Agenda
Looking for specifics on our Retreat? Please see our program agenda.

Our credits have increased. Please note: we are certified by UBC CPD for up to 5.75 Mainpro+ credits. This course is an Accredited Group Learning Activity eligible for up to 5.75 MOC Section 1 credits as defined by the Maintenance of Certification program of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

Many of you are bringing your spouses and/or children and have asked me about the event logistics. You’ll only require childcare Saturday from 12 p.m. – 6 p.m. If you are interested in supporting those with children attending the event, please contact me and we can arrange to have a few partners assist in watching the kids.

Families are invited to the Saturday Evening Social and to Sunday up at the Gondola. You’ll have to purchase additional gondola tickets for your family members; however, we were able to secure those at a reduced rate. Children 5 and under are FREE. You’ll purchase the tickets the day you arrive to the Gondola. Preceptors: your tickets are included in the price of your registration fee.

Any other questions or comments, please feel free to contact me!



Sea to Sky Preceptor Retreat 2016

Al's Habrich Trail, Squamish, British Columbia
Al’s Habrich Trail, Squamish, British Columbia

Accredited by UBC CPD - for print (1) copy

Sea to Sky Preceptor Retreat 2016
UBC Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residency Program
Saturday, October 15 to Sunday, October 16
Location: Sea to Sky Gondola Summit Lodge, Squamish
Accommodations: Executive Suites Hotel & Resorts, Squamish
Families are welcome!
Register here!

Greetings! We are super excited to announce our first annual preceptor retreat for UBC’s Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residency Program! The retreat idea and objectives emerged from my discussions with you and your desire as a group to network and learn from each other about how you approach educating and mentoring residents. The experience we’ve developed encourages collaboration and includes indoor and outdoor interactive exercises. So be prepared for mountain weather and to do a bit of hiking!

Sunday is special! Your families are invited to join us for the day as we explore how our partners and children influence our profession. We will begin the morning with a reflective family hike through the Sea to Sky rainforest. Following our excursion, we will return to the Summit Lodge and take part in a series of activities that unite our families in the future of our practice.

Registration Information
Register for the event here. Event registration is being handled by the Abbotsford Division of Family Practice (ADFP). Once you register for the event, the Division will follow up with you on your purchase.
Preceptor Registration Costs: $225
This includes:
1. Two-day retreat at Sea to Sky Gondola Summit Lodge & materials
2. Sea to Sky Gondola lift tickets (Saturday & Sunday)
3. Lunch and Snacks (Saturday & Sunday)
4. Saturday Evening Social Dinner at the Squamish Executive Suites Hotel. Partners and children are welcome at an additional cost.

For more information, visit Events!

Questions? Please feel free to email me at jacqueline.p.ashby@gmail.com.



Teacher’s Toolbox Faculty Development Event

The annual Teacher’s Toolbox conference on Friday September 16th, at Regent College UBC, Vancouver, is ready to go.

We have excellent Plenary sessions lead by residents again this year, and as well, an exciting facilitator Dr. Rose Hatala (CHES/UBC) presenting her research and reflections on “Meaningful Feedback in Real Life”.  I attended her session at our Fac Dev event in Prince George associated with the RECC conference in the spring and it was excellent.

We have a choice of 2/5 workshops in the afternoon.  2 of those are from our Pillars of Precepting Modules, so attendees can work towards completing their Clinical Teaching Certificate.  3 are brand new workshops facilitated by leaders in our program – Christie Newton, Theresa VanderGoes/Steven Yau, and Evelyn Cornelissen.

It’s going to be a fabulous day.  Please sprinkle this registration link around your site, in case anyone is interested for some Faculty Development in the City.

Register here: https://www.eply.com/teacherstoolbox2016-09-16

There is no registration fee for the event! The cost of travel and accommodation may be covered by your site program, so contact your Site Director or administrator to find out. Breakfast and lunch are included.

Enjoy the rest of your summer, and see you in September!

Dr. Brenda Hardie, BA, BPHE, MD, CCFP, FCFP
Lead Faculty, Faculty Development
UBC Department of Family Practice
Residency Program

Intersecting Art & Medicine

20160717_125811 (1)
Audain Art Museum. Image via Jacqueline Ashby.

Last week at our Academic Half Day, we discussed the benefits of exposing medical professionals to art and the process of making art. I briefly covered how these activities engage the right brain and boost creativity and innovation. The observation of art may also improve your visual literacy. These skills are in demand and desired in our image-based environment of medicine.

This concept is currently exercised in a variety post-secondary institutions and organizations including Harvard, Yale, McMaster University, Boston University, and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. UBC has recently followed suit with its own elective course “Rounding at the Belkin.”

I want to encourage both Preceptors and Residents to join me in visiting places and spaces that will ignite our right brains! We will embark on this journey with our first visit to the NEW Audain Art Museum in Whistler, British Columbia on Sunday, August 21st. I’ve secured us a group rate of $15/per person. We will also have access to Studio Sunday! This opportunity will allow us to get our hands dirty and work on drawing Characters and Caricatures. We leave Abbotsford at 6:00 a.m.!

Families are invited! I can fit 4 individuals in my car. If you want to ride with me, let me know!



Learn more on the topic here:
How Arts Education Can Help Create Better Doctors by Adriana Barton
Observation: The Importance of Art in Medicine by Susan Ge
Perspective: Acts of Interpretation: A Philosophical Approach to Using Creative Arts in Medical Education by Arno Kumagai
To Create Better Doctors, Cultivate Their Creative Side by Tom Jacobs


Seek & Find: Pink Flamingo Challenge

Image via Wikipedia. Photographer: Yoninah.

Greetings! Hope you are well! To exercise our observational skills and have some fun…there are at least 10 pink flamingos now hidden within our site office…

Some are big
And some are small
And some may have
No legs at all.

Can you find them? If so, there’s a prize in store! 🙂

First one to email me the locations of all the flamingos wins!


Resiraptors vs. Precipitators: Volleyball Tournament 2016


Hope all is well! I know! I know! You’re all itching to hear how the 1st Annual Resiraptors vs. Precipitators Volleyball Tournament went down this past Saturday! Ok! Here’s the scoop from the most accurate source! 🙂

If you’ve talked with one of our Precipitators, you may have heard that they were victorious. This is not entirely accurate. The original tournament was set for the best out of 3 games. The Precipitators took the first game; however, the Resiraptors came back strong dominating the court with sheer power and finesse and easily won the next two.

We were elated and engaged in our celebratory Resiraptor Roar when Dr. Chow disrupted us and insisted that we play to 5 games. Who are we to argue with the Site Director? Dr. Chow wields enormous influence within the group and we felt inclined to appease him following our rehydration break.

The Resiraptors returned to the courts, possibly suffering from bloat, and subsequently lost the next two games. They were all exceptionally close matches that could have gone either way. Although the Precipitators have claimed #1, we are okay with #2 for now. Number 2 has far more substance to it and the second mouse always gets the cheese!

To acknowledge the Precipitators semi-victory, I’ll be dropping off our Henry Weinhard’s Award, best root beer this side of Manitoba, to each of your offices. Enjoy it…because next time you’re serving us! That’s right Dr. Dueck…now we got bad blood and we’re coming for you!

Wanna watch how it all went down? https://magis.to/3EK5gWMG?l=vsm&o=i&c=c

Dr. Liu…Dodgeball it is! I’ll be sending out an invitation soon! Resiraptors vs. Precipitators Dodgeball 2016!

The Precipitators 2016 Team
Dr. Pres Moodley
Dr. Holden Chow
Mr. Elan Chow
Dr. Jody Ching
Dr. Iris Liu
Dr. Ken Dueck
Dr. Trent Loewen
Dr. Reg Peters

The Resiraptors 2016 Team
Dr. Alex Enns
Dr. Bruce Griffioen
Dr. Adam Siemens
Dr. Geoff Friderichs
Dr. Chelsea Wiksyk
Dr. Louai Musa
Dr. Jordan Wright
Coach Jacqueline Ashby