National Colouring Book Day!

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Celebrate National Coloring Book Day
August 2, 2016: A Day to Relax and Color
Abbotsford Regional Hospital & Cancer Centre Library
8:30 am – 3:30 pm

BC Cancer Agency and Fraser Health Library staff invite you to join us on Tuesday, August 2nd for a colouring break. Crayons, colouring pages and blank paper (for you DIYers) will be supplied; you simply need to bring yourself, and maybe a colouring buddy.

Please feel free to bring your own colouring books or to pick up a page for colouring later.  All visitors (even non-colourers) will be eligible for one of our door prizes! (and a cookie!)

We look forward to seeing you!

Anita (E-Rad), Michelle and Pamela

And because we are a library, here are a few articles!   (Thanks to Susan Morris, BCCA Library Technician, for the references.)

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Michelle Purdon – Librarian – Manager, Fraser Health Library Services
Anita Thompson – Library Technician – Fraser Health Library Services
Pamela Dent – Librarian – BC Cancer Agency
Abbotsford Regional Hospital and Cancer Centre Library
Phone: 604-851-4700 ext 646825

And the winner is…


Following our R1 versus R2 volleyball match, each member of the losing team was asked to compose a limerick based on one of their field notes. R2 judges selected Dr. Rose Hsu’s as the winning entry!

There once was a man with a mole
Whose wife was a nagging old troll
1% lidocaine with epi
Simple interrupted, she said, “Let’s see”
Perfect margins, the mole left as a whole.

Love it! Congratulations Rose!!



Coffee Chat

20160617_072104Greetings R1s!

Hope all is well! As you know, we’ve begun our coffee chat series! This is where I sit down with each team member to discuss your learning journey over the next two years. And I buy you coffee!! Does it get any better?

I recently met with our new R1, Dr. Jen Chen, who shared with me a website that she and her colleagues created at the University of Calgary. Drugs for Med Students Review Series offers visitors an array of “pharmacotherapeutic presentations, pharmacy resources, and pertinent drug information tailored for the needs of medical students.” To access Rx resources and apps, click here! I’m blown away by the creativity, visuals, and effort invested in this site. Fantastic work! You’ll find Drugs for Med Students listed on our Resources & Recommended Reading page.

On another note! If you have yet to contact me for a coffee chat, please do so! My schedule over the next couple of weeks is as follows:

Monday – Friday: 10 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Hope to hear from you soon…



Awards for Residents

Greetings Residents & Preceptors!

BCCFP offers financial awards to residents in the UBC Family Practice Residency Program. These awards include:

  • $5,000 BCCFP Resident Leadership Award to a UBC Family Medicine R2 graduating from the UBC Family Practice Residency Program.
  • $1,500 Dr. Manoo and Jean Gurjar Award, BCCFP Family Medicine Resident Scholarship – to a male and a female resident in the UBC Family Practice Residency Program.

Apply here! Submissions are due in April of each year.

Thank you Dr. Windt for the reminder! 🙂



Cardiology Primer

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Excerpt from Dr. Elmayergi’s Cardiology Primer

Our ARHCC Cardiologist and Preceptor, Dr. Nader Elmayergi, produced a fantastic, humour-packed primer for our Abbotsford-Mission Family Practice Residents entering their Cardiology rotation!

We are printing copies of the book for our incoming R1 cohort. I’ll contact you as soon as they are ready for distribution. If you want to grab a peak at it now, you can download the primer on our Residents page.

We thank Dr. Elmayergi for his continued commitment to our Residents’ education and their understanding of the human heart.